Founded in 1997 by a team of professionals each with over 25 years of expertise in the MICE industry, STIMPOL is indeed one of Turkey’s top Destination Management Companies

Just a few reasons why STIMPOL is preferred to most other DMC’s :

As the innovators of many exciting incentive activities and creative concepts, we always aim for and do our best, nothing less!

  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, flexible and dedicated, we listen carefully to understand your needs in depth and we communicate with you to ensure that those needs are truly met
  • Our great values and accomplishments have earned us a place as the leader in our field
  • Fair, straightforward and open, we will share with you both the positive aspects of a project as well as any negative ones if or when necessary
  • All of our suppliers embrace our high standards for performance and continually strive to faithfully provide the finest services possible
  • With great values, leadership and ultimate accomplishments, we are the innovators of many exceptional incentive activities and creative concepts
  • We add some small special touches of local elements into the programs, and we are constantly searching for new venues and original ideas
  • Our design team create unique teambuilding programs in accordance with our guest’s profile and requirements in order to ensure maximum quality, originality and success
  • Our goal is to create, maintain and constantly improve our relationship with all of our partners, colleagues and suppliers

We are a highly motivated dynamic group of MICE specialists with creative styles, a great blend of multidisciplinary talents and a passion for excellence. While combining a team of truly efficient professionals who are highly detailed in their performances, we are also very receptive, friendly and fun.

International Sales Offices & Affiliations

Sigrid Scheffer & Michelle Hulsman
T +31 20 68 68 099
[email protected]